Untitled (I will Find You on the Other Side of the Earth)

It was created accidentally while working on “Island of Shattered Glass”. The process brought me back to my childhood days, and how the snow meant so much for me as a kid, who grew up on an island in subtropics. Every winter, a big styrofoam snowman would be delivered to my school from the northern region in Japan. The snowman is hollow inside, and it is filled with snow. We would spread the snow on the ground and play with it until it melts under the warm Okinawan winter sun.

And as a kid I had the silly daydreams of snow covered world outside of the island. Also I have been having the idea of doing a project “I will Find You on the Other Side of the Earth”, to find a gay male from Okinawa in Europe, which remains unrealized. The other side seems, for now, incredibly apart from here. Japan didn’t make it into the composition, it happened to be on the edges of the semi-spheres.