You were there in front of me

Someone famous said meeting people is easy,
but I know from experience that it is not.

I always thought of needing a place, a platform simple and
secure, where I can establish relationship that is tangible,
however temporary, without noisy surroundings.

These days people meet online, via video chat programs.
Meeting strangers virtually was a daydream a few decades ago,
but now it just sounds sleazy. And nothing is assuring.

Can I meet someone online, without the intention of,
or the possibility of ever meeting him physically face to face,
and establish a firm connection? What makes it certain?

Fortunately, I can take photographs. They may be able to prove
the tangibility of the relation and genuineness of the person,
who is contained within that microcosmos called window.
It will be a portrait in fragment, devoid of everything else but
what’s there on the depth of flickering screen.

So I tried. I was here in my bedroom with my SLR, in front of
my laptop, and they were in front of me too, there, just divided
by a thin computer screen, in their bedrooms, or wherever they
were at the arranged time. Some of them were on the other side
of the earth.
We met each other, talked to each other, and made pictures.

What remain here are the photographs, some clear, some pixelated.