Tokyo Tower, 2007


(Video, 26 mins)
Tokyo Tower always seemed to represent the city where it stands. Tokyo was once the object of my admiration, I think I used to dream of living there when I was younger. Every time I visit Tokyo’s, I would take from the monorail from Narita airport to the city, and after a few minutes, Tokyo Tower suddenly appears itself, on the other side of the window, in the middle of the muted city scape. It looked outdated, and the color red was just out of place. Yet, to me, it looked elegant.

I used to make a string figure of Tokyo Tower, I recall that the figure somehow didn’t seemed to do justice to what the tower looked to me. Nevertheless it was fun.

Over the past years I began to take a dislike to the city, although I have never lived there. I probably hated what the city, or the country, embodies. So I turned my back on it and left the country.

I now live in Tokyo. My room is still rather bare and empty. I cannot see the tower from my window, and I’ve forgotten how to make the string figure of the tower.