Writer’s Block

Pencils, colored pencils, eraser, writing pad, glasses, pencil sharpener, table, HOPE etc.
Dimensions Variable

While writing “Written for the Wind”, I got stuck and couldn’t write any longer. Frustrated, I went out for a walk, like a writers do, stopped by an convenience store and found a pack of cigarette called HOPE. This is it, I thought and bought it. But I cannot smoke, and gave up lighting it soon after, I didn’t even have a lighter. I spoke with Matthew that night, and ate ice cream. He was drawing something with watercolor, and he was using a mug to wash his brush. Printed on it was a word “CLARITY”, with a rainbow next to it. The word seemed revealing to me; I started to draw it on the empty paper. It made me feel better and refreshed. Maybe it was just the rainbow.