Untitled (Letting Go)

I transfered one wall of my bedroom (its contents) to the gallery wall and then removed everything leaving the cork boards, pins, paper clips, and tape. (All the things on the wall were put into the box on the floor) The wall, it once was in my bedroom, contained pictures of my hometown, numerous snapshots, my favorite polaroid i’ve ever taken, postcards, letters, cards, images of people I admire, scribbles, and the things I didn’t even know why they were there. All the memories accumulated since I moved into the apartment.

It has to do with the concept of home (home in Brooklyn and my hometown), memory, and also this contradiction of the wall being permanent, including what’s on there, while there is no such thing as that, walls are all thin. By doing this I was trying to eternalize the whole thing, the wall, the memories it represented… How you hang on to certain images for years, images you think they are so important but when you reflect upon them, they don’t speak to you anymore. Letting go of old images.