(We Exist in) A Tent

DVD Player, Monitor, Headphones, Bedsheets, Tent(Frame only)
Dimensions Variable

A video chat makes me feel weird. They are private but I constantly feel eavesdropped, my voice and video being scattered on the surface of internet. It is as if I am in a tent, and someone is looking at me from the outside.

Matthew called me in the late night in London. Which is the morning in Tokyo. I was still wrapped in blanket. I still didn’t have curtains, the morning light shining in and I couldn’t look him on the screen well. I covered my head and the computer with my blanket, like a tent, to see him better.

The tent is made of bed sheets. Inside, a video is showing him playing flute. But the monitor is inside, you can only see the blue light from outside, and can hear the faint sound coming from headphones, which are also inside. The image and sound are right there, but nothing is clear like shadows appear on the surface of a tent in the dark.
Dimensions Variable