Untitled (Pieces) | 無題 (断片)

Works | 2007年08月21日(火)




When I visited my home after 4-5 years of living in NYC, a jigsaw puzzle image caught my eyes immediately. An aged, yellowed picture of a thorny Bavarian castle. I still remember when I completed this puzzle. I was 10 or 11, it was when my mother was away, she was either in hospital being treated from some sort of cancer, which I was informed much later, or was simply out of town for some trite reasons. I was doing this with my big sister cousin who was there to take care of me and my brothers. It look us long time to complete. Some pieces were apparently inserted rather forcibly. Anyways, we’d completed it.

It was hung in the stairway of the house, and has since forgotten while we passed by it all the time. It was a quiet reminder of my mother’s absence.

When I saw it after all these years, it seemed to have a strange glow. For the first time it appeared beautiful to me. And I was seized by a sudden urge to destroy it, take it apart back into the pieces.