A Romantic Composition

Works | 2018年05月16日(水)

ロマン派の音楽 / A Romantic Composition


The two channel video follows the tales of two men: an Okinawan pianist and an American Vietnam veteran, who was also an amateur violinist. The men recall the night they spent together at the bar of the Okinawa Hilton, where the American played Bach’s Chaconne. They go on to recollect how they went on to form a short friendship in 1970’s Okinawa, where a large number of American soldiers were stationed before or after serving in Vietnam. The American’s son narrates the video and reveals at the end that his father was a closeted gay man and having been devastated by his experiences in Vietnam he left his family when his son was very young. The piece closes with the major part of Bach’s Chaconne and ends before the music return to the minor, symbolizing the end of the peaceful moment that the two men shared.[/lang_en]

Installation View at BankART1929, 2015
Photo: Keizo Kioku
Photo Courtesy: Nissan Art Award