Five-Year-Old’s Engagement Ring | 五歳の婚約指輪

Works | 2009年04月22日(水)

琉球ガラス, カナブン(リュウキュウツヤハナムグリ)、綿糸
7.5W x 7.5D x 9H inches (glass size)





Ryukyu glasses, flower chafer, string
7.5W x 7.5D x 9H inches (glass size)

A Kanabun (flower chafer, a kind that is indigenous to the Okinawan islands) with a string tied to its leg. the other end of the string is tied so that it makes a ring, a ring with a bug.

When we were small, my friend and I used to find flower chafers and tie them with strings so that we can keep them with us all the time. We felt as if we owned sacred scarabs of the ancient Egypt, although we didn’t know what the scarabs were for. We felt being little more adult. When I got home, I took quite nonchalantly one of the two Ryukyu glasses my parents bought many years ago, and imprisoned my ring in it. I didn’t want to let it go, nonetheless I would soon get bored and forget about it. My parentes would look for the missing glass.

The piece comes with another Ryukyu glass. The dead bug is fragile. It will soon crumble and perish. When that happens, let it go, and put the glass back to where it should belong; next to the other glass. Perhaps you can use the glasses to have some tea or drinks with someone.