AWOL(His Moreskine, Recreated) | AWOL(彼のモレスキン、再現)

Works | 2009年04月23日(木)

21.5W x 27.5D x 2H cm




Moleskine notebook
21.5W x 27.5D x 2H cm

The AWOL had a red Moleskine. He would open and show the notebook to me here and there. In it was a photograph of older man in military uniform, some scribbles, snapshots, etc.

He once opened a blank page of his Moleskine and tore off a small piece of it, and wrote his name on it. Unfortunately I lost it so I don’t remember his name anymore.

There was a hand-drawn American map. He had cut out a small map of Okinawa out of some travel guide and pasted next to America, then connected the two with a rainbow. But that is a bit too American, I thought.

After a while, I decided to recreate his Moleskine.