Songs for the Forgotten | 忘れられたものたちへの歌

Works | 2007年07月21日(土)

Walk Away Renee. I Can’t Let Maggie Go. Ruby Tuesday. Thoughts of Mary Jane. What Katie Did. Sorry Suzanne. Dear Eloise, Windy…


けれど、男は何処なのでしょうか。これら、女性のファーストネームをタイトルに冠したポップソングは、ほとんどが60年代70年代のものです。まだまだ男性優位の時代、男が男社会のなかで女について歌うのは理にかなっているとは思いますが、その後、女性シンガーたちも、男に歌を捧げようとは左程思わなかったようです。そして今、数える程の(自ら公言する)ゲイシンガーたちもいますが、彼らがボーイフレンドや妄想の対象について歌っているのも、聞いた事が殆どありません。僕がここで言うのはあくまでもラブソングであって、Bing Crosby、Jonathan David、そしてSloop John Bの様な歌の事ではありません。

最近New York Times紙上にて、公共の場において男二人がキスをする行為が未だにニューヨークですらもちょっとした混乱を呼ぶ、という記事を目にしました。それは、ここではあまり関係のない事かもしれません。しかし僕には、文化的・倫理的発展の中で、忘れ置き去りにされてしまった小さな事たちが、多々ある様な気がするのです。それらは、些細な事かもしれませんが、やはり変です。


Walk Away Renee. I Can’t Let Maggie Go. Ruby Tuesday. Thoughts of Mary Jane. What Katie Did. Sorry Suzanne. Dear Eloise, Windy…

The history of pop/rock music is filled with love songs, which are filled with girls, women, and ladies. I love those songs; there is something very sweet about those songs. They have nothing to do with me, of course, but the feeling encapsulated in them is more or less universal, and their insignificant but genuine and personal confessions touch me and always make me smile.

But where are the males? Most of those songs about girls seem to be from the 1960s or the 1970s. The trend of boys singing about girls in the male-oriented music industry is understandable as during the 60s and 70s homosexuality was not popular. Female singers do not have that many love songs directly addressing a particular male individual during this time period either. Yet, today there are considerable numbers of openly gay musicians. However, you still do not see songs about their boyfriends or the men about whom they fantasize. I am talking about love songs, not songs by the likes of Bing Crosby, Jonathan David, or Sloop John B, which do not feel like one of these pop songs.

I may be wrong, but this is what I feel.

Recently, I read a New York Times article about how a scene of two men kissing in public still can cause a minor disturbance. That may not be relevant here but what I wanted to say was that there are some things that were forgotten, which may be insignificant but still, it is strange.

So I decided to make nice little love songs about guys. Most of the figures are imaginary.