Untitled Photograph 1

Works | 2009年12月12日(土)

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Exposed film cassette, fabric, fake flowers
Dimensions Variable

I sold the last one of the film camera I owned. I used to have several of them, but over the course of years, numbers have decreased, and now the last one is gone. Deciding to sell the last one, I opened the back of the camera without knowing there was still a roll of film inside. The film was partially exposed, images were gone. I could not remember what I shot.

I also didn’t know anymore how to wind it; I carelessly pulled the roll out, causing the entire strip to come out of the cassette.

Now totally exposed, the film stayed on the corner of my table. I couldn’t throw it away. Somehow, it begun to function as a vase for the cheap fake flowers that were lying there for some time. They made a nice still life.

The strange fake flower arrangement sat on the table, reminding me of the memories that I can’t even remember. Memories that the light recorded and then erased quite plainly.