To Where Spider Flies | 蜘蛛の飛ぶところ

Works | 2009年04月23日(木)

木製フォトフレーム, ガラス, ラムダプリント
Dimensions Variable




Wooden frame, glass, digital print
Dimensions Variable

When I was a teenager I wrote a silly story about a spider. I forgot the details but it took place in a town surrounded by tall walls. A boy lives there. One day he sees a spider going up the wall, and he knocks it down with a finger so to make it fall to the ground. Every morning he would see the spider and would knock it down. One morning he sees a spider’s thread twinkling in the morning light, in the sky, over the top of the wall.

There is a strange form of liberation in how spiders are.

In “A Red Leaf of Palm Tree” by Shun Medoruma, two boys go through a forest, to the cliff where they can have vista of the ocean. One of them is realizing his likely gay sexuality. Wanting the other boy,he awkwardly gives him a handjob. The other one refuses in a shock.

They see a single string of spider’s thread gently waving in the wind. The wind is carrying the thread towards the ocean, to outside.