Cocktail Party | カクテルパーティー

Works | 2009年04月23日(木)

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Glasses, ceramics
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In February 2009, for the first time, I visited a flea market that takes place regularly in an American military base in Okinawa. To my disappointment, It was just a regular flea market, whereas I hoped that I would see something there, some sort of distortion maybe. There wasn’t any. Then glasses caught my eyes. Many of the sellers had the glasses or cups at their stalls; wine glasses, beer glasses, whiskey glass, or tea cups, mug cups.. I started buying them. One of the seller told me his cups are Portuguese. A pair of wine glasses had prints “Sumo Wine Club”. There were big ORION beer glass, smaller KIRIN beer glass. Up to that point, all spent their lives in the base. I bought them all so that they can get out to that world, to the Okinawan side. One day, maybe we all can have a cocktail party with those glasses and cups. some of them, or most of them, are inappropriate for serving cocktails, but that is ok, it is Okinawa.