Characters from a Novel | 登場人物

Works | 2009年02月12日(木)


『風と共に散る/Written on the Wind』に登場する五人の男たち。少なからず僕の人生に影響を与えた彼らの顔は、思い出そうとすればする程にぼやけてゆきます。写真も、ありません。



Kent Paper, Pencil, Origami Paper
A2 size

There are five male characters that appear in “Written for the Wind”. They had some impact on my life in some ways, yet their faces fade into oblivion every time I try to remember them. I don’t own photographs of them either.

Before their faces disappear from my memory completely, I thought that I would make portraits of them. It is of course impossible to recreate their faces without having any visual clue, and pencil drawings are erased and re-drew over and over. Then as pieces of origami got pasted on top of another, dissimilarity becomes more obvious. They were not as I remember, however faintly.

I tore off all the origami paper pieces that consisted the portrait part in the composition, leaving only the surroundings, background and foreground. The empty space, which once was failed portrait, still retains small bits of origami, and the traces of my pencil drawings. The surroundings keep their technicolor saturation, emphasizing the empty portrait.