Untitled (Self-Portrait, Twelve Rolls of Exposed Film) | 無題 (セルフポートレイト、12本の露光されたフィルム)

Works | 2006年08月21日(月)


I photographed myself, shooting twelve rolls of film,
and subsequently exposed them to the light before processing.
they remain unprocessed, losing all the information once they possessed.
some are brutally exposed right after, some remain relatively intact.
yet, all of the images are, let the process be quick or gradual, being encroached by light.
eventually, the light itself will erase all the “memories of light.”
afterwards, what remains is the history,
the history they generate through their existence and
their presence as something more than pure photographic medium;
the secretive interrelation being built between them and myself,
the questions they, with their own subjectivity, pose on others,
and discourses develop through them.

“While each memory has its own context, the light that strikes each of these appears in complex interplay inside me and is regenerated as a new memory of light, which in turn continues to require and presage the further stimulation of the next light and memory. The one place where all of these cycles of light and memory converge is “history.” Photographs are fossils of light and memory, and photographs are the history of memory.”
Daido Moriyama, “Myth of Light” from Memories of a Dog