Gifts for my Parents (Not Sent) | 両親への贈り物(未発送)

Works | 2009年10月12日(月)

Dimensions Variable(写真サイズ:A3 x2)




Digital Prints, Photo Frames, Letter, Envelope, Bubble Wrap
Dimensions Variable(Photo Size:A3 x 2)

For a long while, I have been ignoring Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. This year, however, I decided to send them some gift. The mother’s day has passed already, and I didn’t like the idea of sending flowers, so I shot to photographs in time for the father’s day. One for my mother, one for my father. I called my mother and told her there’s some gift coming to her.

But I never sent them.

“What happened to the gift” my mother asked me a few month later. maybe later, I replied. There were so many things I needed to tell her, but everything got postponed again.