Nude (A Digital Print and a Bedroom Mirror) | ヌード (デジタルプリントと姿見)

Works | 2006年08月21日(月)

裸のセルフポートレイトが貼付けられた私物の姿見です。 写真は内側に面しており、表を見る事は出来ません。 鏡に肉薄する事で、逆説的に自分を見えなくしたかったのだと思います。多分。 誰もが鏡を使ったり、デジカメ、ポラロイドで自らの裸を映した事はあると思います。

It is a naked self-portrait (inkjet print) super-glued to my personal bedroom mirror. The photo is facing inward, therefore the front side cannot be seen, just a little around the edges. It is an attempt, or a gesture, for me not to see myself in the mirror anymore. Maybe. It also is a classic three-fold manifestation of narcissism: a mirror, a digital camera, and self. Many people have used these three elements once or twice in their life to see him/herself naked. I didn’t like myself so I made myself really close to the mirror, which paradoxically made myself invisible. As a piece it also introduce another element, the viewer (you).