Works | 2009年04月23日(木)

30H x 12D x 27.5H cm



Ceramic figures, flowers
30H x 12D x 27.5H cm

After a typhoon maybe a wife of an American soldier would take a stroll outside of the military base. Maybe she would find a pair of fallen, broken Shisas on the littered street.
She would take them home and think of using them as a nice pair of flower vases. For colorful gerberas she is growing in the garden.
She wouldn’t know the significance of those small ceramic statues, but maybe that is good. Who believes in the devils and guardians anyways. Some peoplemay just place those on their entrances because Shisas look Okinawan. Idea of making use of a broken faith, making them into functioning daily objects is much productive than a habitual belief. And I think it is beautiful thing.